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I would say that three characteristics differentiate Constance from other violin teachers I know.

1) Her students sound more musical than students from other teachers.  This is not just a matter of accurate intonation, tempi and dynamics, though these are all important factors.  It comes down also to the child understanding the music internally and being able to make it come alive.  Constance does a great job of teaching this and therefore produces students who sound in touch with the music they are playing.

2) Constance also imparts a great deal of knowledge around the music that students study.  They will hear about the composer, the society he or she lived in.  They will hear about great teachers of the past like Leopold Auer. They will hear about all kinds of other music they might enjoy - and often be given CD's of great performances they might enjoy, like Nathan Milstein's solo Bach.   All this makes a great difference to the student's knowledge and breadth.

3) Constance is extremely good at making children feel comfortable and at home, even when they are being pushed to tackle problems that are very hard for them.  By placing them in a loving environment she gets the best out of them.

                                                                                                                                                                             - father of two students

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