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Constance’s live violin orchestral performances include American Ballet Theatre, Los Angeles Opera, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Pasadena Symphony, Kirov Ballet, Master Chorale, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, John Williams, Joni Mitchell, Pavarotti, Julie Andrews, as well as numerous chamber music concerts, solo recitals and other symphony orchestras in major venues. She gives violin lessons in her Beverly Hills studio.

Constance Meyer is a Suzuki-certified, Juilliard trained violin teacher who has taught violin in Beverly Hills for the last 20 years. A native New Yorker, Constance studied violin with the legendary Louise Behrend for 7 years at Juilliard in the pre-college division. Behrend was a renowned pioneer of the Suzuki method in the U.S. Constance's violin performances in films, TV and concerts number in the hundreds, and her teaching experience also includes teaching Music History and Repertoire classes at the Colburn School in Los Angeles for students of Colburn's noted Jascha Heifetz Chair Robert Lipsett. At the Mirman School for Gifted Children (LA), Constance co-founded and ran the Suzuki violin program for four years. Her broad range of teaching experience and respect for each child's individuality are qualities that give Constance an exceptional basis for working with homeschooled and gifted children.

Constance is also a journalist whose extensive series on classical music for the Sunday LA Times ran for over two decades. In 2003, she authored the widely referenced article about the Suzuki method, "The Mom-Centric Method" for the Los Angeles Times, titled with the phrase she coined to describe the most prominent element in Suzuki teaching philosophy. The article is referred to by hundreds of sources and is cited in the Wikipedia entry on Suzuki method. Constance also studied French and Russian, earning a BA in Slavic languages from UCLA.

She is passionate about giving students a solid base for a lifetime of rich experience through understanding music. Constance’s broad teaching experience and respect for each child's individuality also provide an exceptional base for working with homeschoolers and gifted children. Constance believes that with the right foundation, all students can build skills, brainpower, and confidence.


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